Cassian Baliarsingh

A romantic marriage proposal of a couple turned into a nightmare after the bride-to-be lost the ring. The proposal on Valentine’s Day went horribly wrong as the ring was too loose for the bride-to-be and fell off her finger.

Instead of romantic moments, the couple had to spend the whole time searching for the ring in the sand. The video of the picturesque beach proposal is now going viral on social media. The incident has been reported from Coogee Beach in Sydney, Australia.

According to the video, the man identified as Zay had planned a surprise proposal for his partner Sai. He had made elaborate arrangements on the beach with a red carpet, candles and other decorative items. He even put out a massive ‘Marry Me’ sign on the beach.


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The video starts with Zay taking Sai on the red carpet towards the Marry Me sign. Later, he gets down on his knee and asks the million-dollar ‘Will You Marry Me’ question. The girl, without a second thought, jumps in joy and hugs Zay.

Later, Zay puts the ring on her finger after which the couple hugs once again. However, their happy moment could not last long as the loose ring dropped from her finger and the couple had to dig out the sand on the beach to search for the ring.

Sai shared the video and wrote, “Pro tip from my fiancé: don’t propose with a loose ring on the sand. Knew we’d end up on Tiktok and News.”

Fortunately, the couple found the ring once again and had a happy moment later, reports said.


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