Rashmi Rekha Das

In Ukraine, the New Year has brought no respite from Russia's war and little hope of peace. Amid war, a video of an emotional reunion of a Ukrainian soldier with his wife after 30 weeks has surfaced. 

Shared by Twitter user Anton Gerashchenko, a pregnant woman can be seen in transit to meet her husband. As soon as she sees her husband, she hugs him tightly and breaks into tears. 

“This is what we're fighting for. They haven't seen each other for 30 weeks,” the caption reads,

And the text on the video reads, “30 weeks in the war, finally our long-awaited meeting.”

The video was originally posted by the pregnant woman, Yanina Sham, on her Instagram handle where she wrote “I will always remember these three days. The first one is when the war started. The second one is when you said you were going to protect me. And the third is when you come back. L O V E . - I'm waiting (sic).”

Soon after being shared on social media, the video accumulated more than 24,000 views on Twitter. 

“I mean. it's beautiful but even more horrible. War is so damn cruel”, a user wrote.

Another user posted, “Precious Love prevails.”

A third user commented, “Just awesome! That baby is going to have a beautiful and peaceful life because of his/her warrior father and all the other warriors.”