Poonam Singh

Hidden within the depths of forests, oceans, and remote landscapes, lie some of nature's most dreadful creatures. From the elusive and venomous stonefish lurking on the ocean floor to the stealthy and lethal black mamba snake slithering through African grasslands, these hidden animals command both fear and respect due to their deadly capabilities. Unseen by many, their existence serves as a reminder of the diversity and power within the animal kingdom.

Recently, a UK man discovered such a hidden sea creature that looks quite scary, like something from a horror movie. He shared a picture of it on social media and explained what it is. The creature has a wide-open mouth with sharp teeth all around it, which can give you chills. This creature is called a sea lamprey.

The man, Craig Evans, found the creature while fishing for sea trout in a river in West Wales. He said that sea lampreys start their life in freshwater and eat tiny plants and organisms. As they grow, they move to the sea and start feeding on larger fish. They have a strange way of eating – they attach themselves to a fish and suck its blood. The one he found was about two feet long and weighed around a kilo.

Evans mentioned that he's seen many of these creatures over the years. Only otters eat them, and that too only the last part of their tail. These creatures are quite old and don't have jaws. Finding them is a sign that the environment is healthy.

People who saw the picture had strong reactions. An individual wrote, " That is the stuff of nightmares for me!." (sic) 

A second added, “This is so cool!!!!! Nature is amazing" (sic)

Many were curious about them and wrote, “Can they attach themselves to human beings?” another wrote, “Is this like a sea cucumber.” (sic)