Cassian Baliarsingh

Badminton is played using racquets where the players hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although, a large team can also play badminton, the most common form of the game is singles (with one player per side).

There are also doubles (with two players per side). However, have you ever seen cats playing badminton, that too like pros. Yes, you read that right! A video of three pet cats playing badminton with their human friend has taken over the internet.

The video shows three cats playing badminton with a youth. The video starts with the youth hitting the shuttlecock and another cat hits it out toward the second cat. The second cat does a flip and kicks the shuttlecock in style that goes back to the youth.

The youth then passes the shuttlecock to the third cat. However, it miserably fails to hit the shuttlecock back. Although it is unclear whether the video is original or edited, it has garnered millions of views with over 50M likes after being shared on Instagram.


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Thousands of social media users were impressed by the unique talent of the cats and heaped praises on them. However, a few others pointed out that the video was edited.

“That first cat is a legend; it returns a perfect volley with a 360 degree and doesn’t even turn around to check! She already knew the end, the great plot! Legend, I repeat,” commented a user (sic).

A second user wrote, “Where did you get all the of those paid cat actors,” while another user wrote, “Everything, everywhere, all at the same time (with a laughing emoji).” (sic)

“I don’t know whether it Is fake or real. But it makes me smile,” commented a user.

“Whoever edited this needs to be a lead editor for movies,” wrote another user. (sic)