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Popular Indian street food ‘Pani Puri’ has now reached the streets of US and Americans cannot get enough of the taste of the ‘khatta-meetha’ flavours. For us Indians, it is not just another street food but an emotion.

A lot of childhood memories are attached to it. Now, the filling has reached the US and has left foreigners speechless. Recently, a video of locals of Minneapolis tasting ‘pani puri’ went viral and netizens are having a field day on social media.

The video from an Indian restaurant in Minneapolis shows foreigners tasting the street food and giving varied reactions to the snack. While some were left speechless, many others decided to visit the restaurant only for it.

The Indian restaurant ‘Curry Corner’ shared the video on their official Instagram handle and wrote, “We took the most popular Indian street food to Minneapolis streets #minneapolis #panipuri 🔥 Come and dine in and try it yourself🫶”

As expected, the video has garnered millions of views and over 90K likes. Desis cannot help but leave adorable yet witty comments in the video.

“Man I stopped at an Indian spot in Chicago one day and tried pani puri for the first time and started crying tears of happiness😭,” a user wrote sharing his experience.

Another user commented, “Until you eat 20+ pani puris breathlessly with tears streaming down your face in a row, you haven’t known the truth of eating pani puri 😂”

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“One day I will go there and sell only Pani Puri. When someone sponsors me for green card 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” commented another user.

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