Soumya Prakash Pradhan

India achieved their largest-ever victory over Pakistan in ODI cricket during the Asia Cup 2023 match, winning by a massive margin of 228 runs.

This win marked India's most significant triumph against Pakistan in ODI history. India also recorded their highest-ever ODI total against Pakistan, scoring 356/2.

In the match, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul both scored centuries, while Kuldeep Yadav took five wickets for India, restricting Pakistan to a mere 128 runs. 

Following the game, several viral videos emerged on the internet.

One such video featured a vlogger asking fans about their reaction to the match.

In one instance, a Pakistani fan tearfully expressed, "Ye sukar kar barish ho gaye, agra barish na hoti Indian ne ta aaja 500 confirm he marta, Yar ye koi match khelen ke tarika hai." 

The vlogger tried to console the fan by saying, "O bhai ro mat."

As the video gained popularity online, one user commented, "Ek Dam Se Waqt Badal Diye Jazbaat Badal Diye Zindagi Badal." This dialogue was attributed to a Pakistani named "Momin Saqib."

Another user humorously commented, "Don't cry, buddy."

Meanwhile, Momin Saqib shared a video on his Instagram account in which he was seen lying in bed.

A friend asked him, "Momin bhai, Kohli and KL Rahul are really performing well at this time." Momin, in a lying position, responded, "The pain and fever haven't subsided as much as they did when I heard your words. I wish I could have gone to the stadium to support my team. I am not feeling well," and he started crying while lying in bed.

In response to this video, some netizens made light-hearted comments, with one user joking said, "All Pakistanis be like: Dad's hitting us now 😂," and another user adding, "Don't watch the match, brother, your fever will get worse! 🔥😂"


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