Manoj Kumar Jena

Air travel is considered one of the most convenient modes of transport. Apart from convenience, travelling in flights offers an aerial view of land which is the reason why most passengers are always interested in booking a window-side seat. 

Tall buildings, mountains, landscapes, and oceans look different, when we see them from flights and the view is something we cherish throughout our journey. 

Likewise, have you ever imagined how the land looks from an airplane from the cockpit during the night?
According to News18 reports, the video of the night sky view from the cockpit has gone viral on various social media platforms.

In the viral clip, the plane can be seen moving in the sky by piercing through the clouds. The cities can be seen like stars as lights can be seen glimmering. As the video was playing in a fast-forward manner, the plane could be seen floating on the clouds as a ship sails in the ocean. 

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of knowledge_lot with the caption ‘Night view from the cockpit!’ (SIC).
The netizens found the video visually moving and flooded the comment section with positive remarks.

One user commented, “That’s how nature meets technology,” and another user commented, “Hats off to the person behind the idea of the shoot.”  (SIC)

The video has amassed a whopping 9.6 million views. 

Watch the video below;