Cassian Baliarsingh

An adorable video of a newlywed woman calling her husband for the first time in front of his family has the internet’s heart. One cannot stop himself from smiling automatically after seeing the super cute video.

The viral video shows the newly-wed bride sitting on a sofa being surrounded by other women of the family. They insist she call her husband for the first time which leaves her blushing. After being persisted by her sisters-in-laws, the bride calls her husband ‘Ahoo’ in Marathi.

The way she says ‘Ahoo’ in Marathi is too adorable to be missed and leaves everyone in the house in splits. Her husband cannot stop blushing as he joins her on the sofa. Sharing the video on Instagram, the woman wrote, “My family making me call him in Marathi style for the first time after the wedding.”

The video has now gone viral with 583K likes and over 18 million views on social media. Internet users filled the comments section with adorable comments for both the newly-wed bride and groom.

“I don't know but why I'm smiling like a fool 😂 but this is too cute yaar 💗,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Dream to call him AHOO in front of in law's 🥺💓” “Aaho is an emotion !!! ❤️❤️,” commented a third user.