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Instead of being praised, Prachi Nigam, the Class 10 UP Board topper was brutally trolled online for her looks. She was bullied by the entire nation and now the young girl has sent a powerful message to all her trolls through a ‘glow up’ video.

Collaborating with popular content creator and musician Anish Bhagat, Prachi has given it back to all the trolls ‘once and for all’. Her powerful message reads, “Dear women, don’t try to fix something that was never broken.”

The video starts with Anish visiting Prachi at her home and is greeted by her with a million-dollar smile. He then takes her for a ‘glow up’. However, the ‘glow up’ wasn’t a makeover at all and Prachi looks the same to share the message, “Dear women, don’t try to fix something that was never broken.”


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Since being shared online, the video has amassed million of views online with over 2.89L likes and thousands of comments of praise for the brave girl.

“The moment you said I wanted to give her a glow up, I almost got borderline bothered. Only to see the end result. Glad glad glad ❤️,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “Two humans with the brightest inner glow!🌻”

“Prachi, if you ever read this, you are gorgeous❤️You are healing the nation... ❤️,” commented another user.

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