Cassian Baliarsingh

A monkey stole an iPhone from a man at the famous Vrindavan Temple and what happened next was quite amusing. A video of the incident was shared on Instagram and has garnered hilarious reactions and memes.

The video opens with two monkeys sitting atop a structure on the premises of the Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan. One of the monkeys is holding the man’s expensive iPhone. On the other end, a crowd can be seen gathered around attempting to retrieve the man’s iPhone.

Meanwhile, a man brings two Frooti packets and throws them towards the monkeys. As soon as the monkey catches the drink, it quickly drops the phone. Soon an alert person on the ground swiftly catches the phone before it falls to the ground.


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The hilarious video was shared on Instagram and the caption read, “Vrindavan Monkeys. iPhone sold in one frooti.” Since being shared online the video has already garnered over 642K likes and thousands of hilarious comments.

“Vrindavan monkeys are best traders🙇♀️😂✨,” commented a social media user.

Another user wrote, “This is business, monkey business 😹🐒”

“Bandar be like - apun se business mei Jeet sakta h kya!! 😂” commented another user.

Monkey menace has become common in temples like Mathura and Vrindavan. There have been several incidents of monkeys snatching the personal belongings of devotees visiting these religious places. In a similar incident, a woman had earlier traded her mobile phone with a banana.