Cassian Baliarsingh

Despite suffering from Tuberculosis, a man named Gladson Peter has mastered 49 musical instruments and can play 14 of them at once. The most inspiring thing is that he has only 40 percent lung capacity, but is still following his passion for music.

Former actress and travel blogger Shehnaz Treasury took to her Instagram handle to share Peter’s inspiring journey and wrote, “This man has only one lung. And he plays all these instruments wind instruments included with just 40 percent lung capacity. I’m so inspired. He can play 49 instruments, 14 instruments at one time. What a talent!”

In the video, Peter can be seen playing guitar with a whistle and harmonica simultaneously. He has also connected wires to his leg to play the drums and has crash cymbals tied to his back.

Gladson hopes to achieve Guinness World Record as he is the only Indian to play 14 instruments at the same time. 

The video has impressed social media users who took to the comment section to praise Peter’s talent.

“Wow amazing!! All the best Gladson for the world record, fire it man!!” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “What an inspiration! Wishing Gladson all the luck!” while a third user wrote, “All the best for the World Record… You are India’s pride.”

A fourth user wrote, “By any chance do you know Benny Prasad? He has a very similar story like you… Inspiring!!”