Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In this era of technology, where the tech revolution is captivating people's attention, innovations in the tech world are mind-blowing and have left the audience amazed with their cutting-edge advancements.

Many recent tech revolutions have been designed and launched to enhance and speed up work using tech gadgets.

One recent example of this tech revolution is the use of drones for delivering pizzas directly to customers' homes.

A video showcasing this drone delivery gadget went viral on the internet, and people were thrilled with the idea of such innovations.

Sohan Rai, a content creator in the social media sphere, uploaded a video featuring this drone delivery concept.

In the video, he expressed his desire to use a self-flying drone to deliver pizzas, after having experienced being a Zomato delivery boy for a day.

During his time as a delivery boy, he realised the challenges and struggles faced in dealing with traffic and finding delivery addresses.

This experience inspired him to do something to assist delivery personnel. Leveraging his expertise in drones, he built an autonomous drone, which he programmed to operate without a pilot.

After a few test runs and repairs, Sohan's drone successfully flew on its own and demonstrated a pizza dropping mechanism.

In the video, Sohan receives an order from Pizza Hut and quickly reaches an open space to load the pizza into the drone for delivery, which is approximately 1.5 km away.

After inputting the delivery location into the system, the drone takes off and embarks on its pilotless journey.

Sohan also uses another drone to follow and record the delivery process. He calls the recipient of the order to inform them about the drone delivery, and the receiver expresses excitement upon seeing the drone approaching.

The pizza is safely delivered. Sohan captions the video, expressing his amazement at people's reactions and happiness.

He believes that drone delivery is not just a dream but a reality that will soon become prevalent in India.


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The video uploaded on Sohan Rai's Instagram page, known as "zikiguy," has garnered an impressive response with 8.9 million views and 1.2 million likes.

People have left various comments on the video, including humorous remarks like, "What if the customer chooses cash on delivery 😂."

Some also raised concerns over the use of drone and wrote, "This is the future, but in India, you might not get your drone back 😂."

A few users even pointed out that drone delivery could lead to job losses for delivery boys and drone pilots alike.