Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

An illicit affair can destroy a family as it leaves a deep scar in the hearts and minds of individuals whose partners cheat on them. Learning about the extra-marital affair of their life partner will likely shock anyone. But, what if a person catches his/her life partner red-handed?

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a wife catching her husband red-handed with a girl, supposed to be their tenant.

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As seen in the video, the woman along with several others walks towards a room slowly and carefully without making any noise. Suddenly, the youths accompanying the woman open the door and enter the room. As the camera pans towards the side, a man can be seen seating on the bed from a sleeping posture. Another girl can also be seen sleeping close to him. 

It seems, the woman turned on her mobile camera to record the incident. After finding her husband with the girl on a bed, the woman loses her cool and hands over the mobile to someone else. Immediately, she starts thrashing the girl black and blue while the man walks to the other side in his underwear.

The man can be seen requesting his wife not to hit the girl. But, the woman seems to be in no mood to listen to anyone and drags the girl by her hair. She continues to hit her while asking to call someone over the phone.

When the man again tries to interrupt his wife, the annoyed woman warns her to keep his mouth shut.

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As claimed, the man had an extramarital affair with his tenant to shelve her room rent. But, he was caught by his wife red-handed.

The video shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has gone viral on social media. Even netizens have flooded the comment box lashing out at the man. However, several others went on to say that the woman must have thrashed the man as well as she didn’t hit even once.