Rashmi Rekha Das

There is something very special about the sibling bond no matter how much you fight with each other. 

Sometimes, days pass by and siblings do not talk, but deep inside they know that his/her siblings will be there for each other whatsoever. 

Of late, a video showcasing unconditional and pure love between siblings has gained tractions on social media. The video spanning over 25 seconds shows adorable bonding between siblings. The viral video of a little girl taking her job as big sister way too seriously has become an instant hit on social media.

It was posted by Yoda4ever on Twitter on December 14 with caption “Little girl takes her big sister job serious.”

Since it was posted on social media, the little girl is winning hearts for her sweet gesture towards her siblings. 

In the video, the three siblings can be seen standing at an under-construction site. Sometime later, a vehicle can be seen approaching and the little girl spreads her arms to protect her siblings from getting hurt and signals the vehicle to stop. Without delay, she escorted her younger siblings inside one by one. 

One user wrote: “Unfortunately the parents don’t take their job seriously.”

Another user wrote: “This is so sweet. Being the oldest child requires you be built different. You grow up shouldering more than you’re own weight, taking “personal responsibility” to a whole diff level #LevelUp #family.”

A third user wrote: “Wow, such a young girl knows how to be safe and protect her siblings. The driver is also a good person!!”