Poonam Singh

Anand Karki and Mandavi Tripathi's Nepali song 'Badal Barsa Bijuli' has sparked an online trend. People and celebrities are creating reels on the song and posting it on social media platforms. 

The latest one to hop on to the viral trend is a cute little school kid who can be seen acing the trendy song with his moves.

A cute video shared by @duskndawn.xo on Instagram has caught everyone's attention. In this sweet clip, an adorable schoolboy in his uniform dances with much energy at a school event. 

What makes it extra special is that other kids in the crowd join in, making it a heartwarming moment that shows how music and dance bring people together.

This video was so adorable that it became viral. Lots of people commented on it, saying how much they loved the young dancer and the whole joyful scene.

This post was shared on September 6. Since being posted, it has been viewed more than 2.4 million times. The share also has over 328K likes and several comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this video:

An individual wrote, “HE WON THE TRENDDDDDDDDD." Another added, " This is why i pay for internet "

"I love everything about this," expressed a third user. A fourth one shared, "The way his friends are cheering for him, wholesome video."