Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Life is too short and everyone tries to find the shortest and simple way to execute any task. The same rule is applicable to animals. Even though humans are highly intelligent, still we have many things to learn from animals.

Here we bring a video of a group of monkeys showing the easiest way to scroll down the stairs instead of walking down several steps.

Though not practical, the playful monkeys are certainly quite smart. Three monkeys can be seen skidding on the steel railings installed on the stairs of a temple located high on a mountain.

In the video, one monkey initiates the trick and starts sliding on the railings easily. Following the first, two other monkeys start repeating the actions and start sliding on the railings. 

As it seems, the video was captured by a devotee who visited the temple.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda captioned it: Life is too short not to nurture your inner child. (sic)

The video has gone viral on social media with netizens sharing their thoughts about the playful activities of the monkeys.

One user wrote, “Used to be a favourite activity when we were kids...” (sic)

Another user wrote, “And it’s easier to take the rails and not the stairs on the way down!” (sic)

“Life mein maja lena ka sahib,” wrote a third user. (sic)