Cassian Baliarsingh

Home to some of the most prestigious universities and colleges, London is one of the most popular educational destinations for Indian students. This apart, the strong currency rate for Indian rupees and plenty of employment opportunities in London attract Indian students.

However, the cost of living in London can be way higher for a normal Indian. One can survive with Rs 10,000 monthly salary in India, but the average cost of living in London is way more. So, it is very important to save money while in London.

Now, a video of two Indians going to work on a cycle has gone viral. The viral video shows an Indian man riding a cycle while his friend is riding a pillion. The sight of a cycle that too in London has started a debate online.

While many social media users are of the opinion that one should sacrifice something to achieve something bigger in life, many others highlighted how Indians are ditching their comfortable life in India and struggling and working in extreme conditions in foreign countries only for money.

 “You watch, these boys will be driving big Ranges in 5 2006 I was one of makes me proud of their hard work,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Heard of…nothing comes easy? …No matter where you are! We are all work in progress. Some day they will have their cars too…so don't judge 👩⚖️”

“Paise kamane gaye hai udhar, aise hi hoti hai savings ✌️” commented another user.