Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

King Cobra is a venomous snake. They can grow up to 13 feet and are commonly found in dense forests. A single bite of the reptile is enough to kill 20 people or even an elephant. As King Cobras reside in the forest, they rarely attack humans.

However, King Cobras venture into human habitats in the proximity of forests in search of food. There are several reports and videos in which king cobras are rescued from houses or residential areas.

Here we bring a video that shows a huge King Cobra coming into its full glory after a rescuer pulls it from its tail. The sudden action of the reptile will certainly leave anyone in shock.

In the video, a person (rescuer) can be seen holding a snake hook stick and pulling the tail of a snake from inside a house. The man drops the stick and grips the tail of the serpent. Suddenly, the huge king cobra slides out with its full glory while raising its hood.

The rescuer immediately gets shocked and out of fear, the stick propels in the air. 

The sudden movement of the king cobra will certainly scare the crap out of anyone.

Though the origin of the video couldn’t be confirmed, it has gone viral on social media. The video was shared on Twitter by 1000 WAYS TO DIE and it has amassed over 2 million views. Well, netizens have expressed their shock and fear after seeing King Cobra's actions. Meanwhile, some others have shared hilarious comments.