Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bullfighting is a popular sport practiced for ages as a traditional game. Earlier, this sport was quite popular in several countries but considering the deadly consequences, it got banned by law in many countries. However, it still remains in practice in some countries and is also a huge crowd-puller.

Meanwhile, the dangers during bullfights can’t be ignored. Either the bulls or the bullfighters die during bullfights. Even the audience enjoying the deadly sport while sitting in the stands might not be safe.

Here we bring a video that shows a bull jumping out of the bullring and running recklessly in the stands triggering havoc among the audience.

The video shows a huge bull running towards the edge of the bullring. However, suddenly it jumps out of the bullring towards the stands filled with audience. Though it gets stuck on the railing for a while, it manages to jump to the other side triggering panic among the audience.

The bull attacks several people that came across it. People in the stands dispersed in all directions. The crowd included several women and children.

Later, the bull can be seen standing after clearing the stand, while a bullfighter is seen holding its tail. Someone throws a cloth towards the bull which annoys it again. The bull again attacks the people standing in front. But, its legs slip on the stairs and it falls. Taking the opportunity, several people jump on the bull and overpower it.

Though the origin of the video couldn’t be verified, it was shared on Twitter by The Best. The video has amassed massive views and netizens have flooded the comments section sharing their opinions on the incident.