Poonam Singh

Within the realm of social media, specific moments have an undeniable power to capture the essence of deep love and unwavering commitment. Just like this heartwarming viral video, which captured a touching moment during a wedding ceremony where the bride was seen bending down to touch the groom's feet as a sign of respect and humility. 

This tradition, rooted in Indian culture, symbolizes the bride's reverence for her husband and her promise to stand by his side as they embark on their journey together. 

In the video, the bride dressed in a beautiful red lehenga is seen touching the feet of his groom on the stage itself during the garland ceremony.

Typically, the exchange of garlands during the wedding ceremony is met with cheers and congratulations from the gathered well-wishers. However, in this exceptional instance, the bride's gesture of touching the groom's feet elevated the occasion to a truly emotional level.

The video was posted by an Instagram user brushstories_ with the caption, “Goosebumps moment.”

The video is with the text on the clip, “When your eight years relationship turns into reality” and has received more than 39 million views and 4.3 million likes on social media.

The video is flooded with comments of several users, one of them wrote, “It's called Indian culture”, while another one wrote, “Woman of cultures”.

A third user wrote, “Please she was doing this out of love❤️, if you love someone you don't have this ego to not touch their feet.. I will happily touch his feet it's not shame its my way of showing my love towards him.”