Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident, a groom allegedly fled from his own wedding on the pretext of a toilet break in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj.

According to the LIVE Hindustan report, the wedding of the youth, native of Fatehpur Jasoda village, was fixed with a girl from Gursahaiganj.

Reportedly, their wedding was decided to be conducted at the Chief Minister Mass Marriage Ceremony in Kanauj which was scheduled to take place on June 23 (Friday).

For the marriage, all the process of the ceremony was followed and an application for the wedding was also submitted.

On the scheduled date, both the groom and the bride arrived with their families at the mass marriage ceremony venue. Everything was going smoothly and wedding rituals were going as per the rules and regulations when the groom said he had to go to the toilet.

After coming out of the guest house where the wedding was taking place, the groom had doubts about weddings so he fled from the venue.

When the groom didn’t return after some time, there was a ruckus in the ceremony. After which both the families tried to search for him.

Meanwhile, the groom’s family also escaped the venue taking the opportunity. Later, the bride’s side also search for the groom’s family but they couldn’t locate them even after the wedding ceremony.

On the other hand, the bride who was dressed in her bridal outfit kept crying for the groom. Later, she returned to her home in despair without marriage.