Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said love triumphs over all and can move mountains. Well, this groom from Jharkhand proved it right after he arrived for his wedding in an ambulance and took part in the rituals while laying on a stretcher.

The determined groom Chandresh Mishra has become the talk of the town in Jharkhand’s Palamu district. According to sources, Mishra was supposed to get married on June 25, as per a report by India Today.

However, he met with a serious accident and fractured his leg just days ahead of his wedding. He suffered serious injuries that left him bedridden in the hospital. Family members were worried about his condition and asked him to postpone the wedding.

However, Mishra was keen on getting married as per the scheduled date, disregarding all the difficulties. He was resolute to marry his ladylove Prerna even as his family urged him to postpone the marriage until he totally recovered.

On the wedding day, Mishra along with his baraatis arrived in an ambulance and participated in the wedding rituals on a stretcher as he could not stand on his legs. Mishra’s love for Prerna and his determination to get married to her, left the guests teary-eyed as they witnessed the heart-warming scene unfold in front of them.

The wedding ceremony took place at a hotel in Medininagar, Palamu.