Poonam Singh

A shocking incident has been reported from Barahula village in Allahabad where a groom left his wedding procession midway following a dispute with the bride’s family over DJ and road light.

According to Amar Ujala's report, the groom, a native of Haliya under Mizapur police station limits, was scheduled to wed a bride from Barahula on Wednesday (May 10). 

Reportedly, the baraat arrived at Janavasa, and the bride’s side performed the ‘Dwarchar’ ritual following which the wedding procession was to begin. However, an argument broke out between the groom’s and bride’s sides as the orchestra artists came late.

Soon, the argument escalated with some of the baraatis and the bride’s family clashing with each other. During the fight, some baratis left the wedding procession along with the groom.

Later the villagers reached and pacified the situation. However, the groom had already left and despite the intervention of the elders, he did not return for the wedding.

Following the incident, the bride's family approached the police to solemnize the marriage. The bride’s brother said that he had mortgaged his farms to give dowry and a bike to the groom. However, he left the wedding midway.

The groom’s father also reached the police station and assured his son would marry the bride.