Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are filled with fun and laughter, all thanks to fun rituals. Crazy wedding videos often go viral on social media. Recently, one such hilarious video started making rounds on the internet. 

Featuring the bride’s sisters and the groom, the video perfectly depicts the relationship between jija-sali which is filled with tease and leg-pulling. 

The video, which was captured during the Joota Chupai ritual, has caught everyone's attention. For unversed, about the tradition, the bride’s sister in the wedding hides the groom's shoes after which he has to pay a hefty amount or comply with her demands to get them back.

The bride’s sister can be seen demanding a hefty amount from the groom during the joota chupai ritual. However, the groom tries to bargain with them. The video has been shared on Instagram by a page called WeddingBazaar.

In the viral clip, one of the sisters can be seen holding the shoe and demanding one lakh rupees from the groom. Hearing this, the groom gets stunned and says he will give five thousand only for the shoes. 

However, when the bride’s sisters come to know that their brother-in-law (groom) is giving only Rs 5000, they get surprised.

Following this, one of the sisters questions the groom if he is not ashamed of saying this. To which the groom bluntly says no not at all. 

Then the groom can be heard saying to his bride that he is getting tried. Then the bride can be seen intervening and seen saying his groom to pay Rs 21,000 to her sisters. To which the groom agrees; then he tries to go from there, the sister-in-laws asks where he was going without paying them. He says, he's going to eat. Then they say he can’t go anywhere without paying to them.

At last, the groom gives in to their demand and hands over their shagun. The bride’s sister then can be seen hugging the groom and making him wear his shoes.

Netizens had a good laugh after watching this video. Some also commented saying that the video is pretty relatable. 

“Bhai.. New leleta.,” posted an Instagram user. “Ladkiyo ke magna ke adat jay ge nhi,” shared another. “Total fun,” wrote a third. “bas karo bhai ye rasam. Kyun loot te ho bechare dulhe ko?” commented a fourth user.