Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The first sight of a snake is enough to frighten anyone. Be it venomous or not venomous, the creepy creatures can raise the alarm. What if a person comes across a huge snake? Undeniably, anyone will get shocked and alert when she/he encounters a snake, no matter the place.

Recently, a spine-chilling visual of a giant python resurfaced on social media that might give you nightmares. The jaw-dropping visuals were reportedly captured in an Indian village.

The video shows the intense struggle of an enormous python to break free from a rope. Its huge size and quick movements will send chills down the spine.

In the video, the giant python can be seen struggling to escape from a shed. However, being tied to a rope, it fails to escape from the shed while crossing the fence. Moreover, the python seems to have devoured something big which restricts its movement. The serpent tries hard to loosen itself from the rope, but all in vain.

Reportedly, these non-venomous reticulated pythons are among the largest snake species found in India and globally.

While the source of the video couldn't be verified, it seems to be an old video and resurfaced again. Earlier, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Indian Forest Services (IFS) Official Susanta Nanda, the video garnered massive views and likes. Moreover, several users expressed shock over the giant-sized python. However, a few also expressed concerns for the serpent trapped in the rope. Now, the video once again has taken the internet by storm, garnering massive views and likes.

Giant python trapped in a ropeGiant Python Trapped in a Rope