Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Life in the wild is unpredictable. Danger can approach from any side without any warning. Wildlife explorers must have witnessed such unpredictable incidents. Sightings of predators hunting down their prey are nothing new. But, rarely does any person intervene in such incidents. However, recently a video surfaced on social media showing a couple interrupting a huge python while it is all set to swallow a deer fawn.

In the video, captured from a car, the fierce python can be seen coiled around the deer fawn on the roadside. Meanwhile, someone can be seen interrupting the python by hitting it with a tree branch. The reptile immediately goes into attacking mode and tries to scare away the person.

As the person fails in the first attempt, he again tries to hit the python with the other side of the branch. After a few tries, the python loosens itself and crawls towards the bush leaving its prey behind. The fawn struggles to get up but unfortunately, it seems to be in a bad condition. The man picked up the fawn and took it for treatment.

As claimed in the video, the fawn was given nutritional milk to restore its health. Even visuals of the same can be seen in the video.

The scroll on the video reads, With the caring attention of the couple, the little deer gradually regained its strength. About 4 months later, the deer grew up healthy and strong. And gradually became a member of the family. (sic)

As claimed in the video, the couple wanted to release back the grownup deer in the wild, but it ended up living in the vicinity of the couple's home.

While the origin source of the video couldn't be obtained, it is shared on Instagram by nelmmmeme. The video is liked and shared massively. Even the comments section is flooded with notes of appreciation.