Cassian Baliarsingh

In a fascinating animal-human encounter, a herd of elephants was seen robbing oranges from a truck that had broken down in the middle of a forest. The adorable video from South Africa has taken social media by storm.

The video shows the elephants enjoying oranges from the truck as the vehicle driver and helper try to fix its punctured wheels. The video was first shared on x (Twitter) and has gone crazy viral with hilarious reactions from social media users.

X user @ThebestFigen shared the video and wrote, “Elephants rob broken down orange truck in South Africa.”

In the short clip, we can see the truck suffered a flat tyre in the middle of a forest. The driver and helper are trying to fix the wheels while a herd of elephants reach the spot and start feasting on the oranges loaded on the truck.

Social media users are in awe of the adorable video and flooded the comments section with hilarious reactions.

“Elephants just helping them lighten the load to change wheels easier, Lol,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “They learned from the best, the people🤣🤣. Looting broken down trucks is what SAns do best.”

“Elephants are nearly as intelligent as humans, but if a human wear to do the same thing, the situation would’ve been much different,” commented a third user.