Poonam Singh

Social media is full of heartwarming content that has the ability to cheer us up and make our day brighter. And this particular video which has gone viral on the internet is proof of it.

It shows an elderly man singing a song for his 105-year-old father. The sweet interaction through the song between the father-son duos is melting hearts online. The son's loving gesture towards his father has won the hearts of netizens.

In the viral video clip, a 68-year-old man can be seen with his 105-year-old father. The son can be seen seating by his father at the bedside and is seen talking with him. Later he is seen whistling a melodious tune and then sings for his father. Towards the end of the video, the father is seen tapping his hands to the beats of the song.

The now-viral video was shared by a user named Srini on Twitter. He captioned the video, “"Father is 100+, son is 75. Can the coming generation sustain such relationships."

The video amassed over 469.7K views after being shared on Twitter. Netizens were incredibly touched after watching the heartwarming clip.

One user said, " Just beautiful to watch and feel the joy." Another wrote, " Father tapping his fingers to the tune, in the end, was very heartening to watch. Love and care from loved ones can make all the problems in life look smaller."

A third user added, " True love & affection." Yet another added, " What a heart melting sight. It’s the way families should naturally gravitate toward each other, and yet many don’t.."