Cassian Baliarsingh

Alcohol can have a different effect on everyone. You may have seen many intoxicated men doing all kinds of hilarious activities and stunts after getting fully drunk but this one is the craziest.

This video of a crazy drunk man teasing a hungry lioness will leave you amused and unimpressed. The 20-second video, posted on Twitter, has gone crazy viral with over 19.3K views and counting.

The video has been shared on Twitter by a user who goes by the name ‘Logical Thinker’. Sharing the video, the user has written, “This is the confidence after having 5 pegs.”

The video opens with a 'drunk' man sitting on a chair while a huge lioness can be seen just 2-feet away from him. The man is seen holding a chicken that the lioness had come for.

Shockingly, he teases the lioness with the chicken even as it tries to take it from his hand. After a brief few seconds of teasing, the lioness manages to catch hold of the chicken and speeds away.

After being shared online, Twitter users were left shocked that the lioness did not attack the man instead. He would have paid a heavy price had the lioness attacked him, a social media user said.

“I think the lioness had the 5 pegs. She could have gone for a bigger leg (with a laughing emoji),” a Twitterati commented while another user wrote, “Nashe Mein Lion Tha, Nahin Toh Bade Murge Pe Panja Marta Woh.”

A third user commented, “Kya Lioness Banegi Re Tu,” while another user wrote, “The lioness missed a bigger catch.”

While no exact location of the incident has been mentioned, social media users pointed out that it might have been from Gujarat.

“I have seen people of Gir (Gujarat) walking along with lions and lioness on road like they’re cattle,” commented a user.