Vikash Sharma

Many will go in favour whenever they are fired with the question- are dogs really man’s best friend? Well, it is true to a great extent as humans share a close bond with dogs as their pets.

Apart from this, a lot of people often go the extra mile to feed stray animals including dogs as they feel they have a responsibility to care for them. Many people make it a habit to offer food or even a simple packet of biscuits whenever they see a puppy or even an adult stray dog near any roadside eatery stall.

There are also a number of videos on various social media platforms, showcasing the immense love and bond between humans and dogs. Recently, a video gained a lot of traction on social media in which a dog can be seen playing dead and saving a little girl.

The video was recently reposted on X (Formerly Twitter) by @TheFigen_

The video begins with a man, wearing shorts, entering a gate with a gun in his hand. Within moments, he points the weapon toward a dog inside the house. In no time, the dog falls to the ground as if it has been hit by a bullet.

Sensing the opportunity and presuming the dog to be dead, the man then approaches towards a little girl in a yellow dress and grabs her. Surprisingly, the dog wakes up and bites the man, forcing him to drop the weapon and release the girl.

In the X post, the user wrote, “The dog played dead and saved the girl! This is why dogs are our best friends! Hero Dog!.”