Soumya Prakash Pradhan

When people embark on journeys to various destinations, they seek to indulge in memorable experiences.

During these moments, they engage in various activities such as dancing, singing, and other forms of entertainment, enhancing their enjoyment and creating cherished memories.

A recent video captured the essence of this joyful spirit, showcasing a group of cute girls on a bus trip.

They were seated in their bus seats, playfully mimicking the song "1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor" from the movie ‘Chennai Express,’ originally sung by Hamsika Iyer, Sricharan, and Vishal Dadlani.

The lyrics of the song came alive as they enacted the actions described, adding a delightful charm to the bus journey.

The girls, all clad in blue jackets, exuded happiness and excitement as they recreated the song's lyrics, starting with "Poonam ke chand ko, Ghoonghat ke neeche chhupa ke."

Their joyous expressions and radiant faces added to the allure of the video, which quickly gained viral status on social media platforms.

The video, shared by the Instagram user TAMASHA, garnered significant attention, amassing 4.1 million views, 244K likes, and numerous comments filled with admiration. 

Netizens expressed their adoration for the girls' cuteness and the entertaining content, with comments like "We’re so cute 😍❤" and "Too crazy guys I loved this content ❤" reflecting the positive reception the video received.

The comments section overflowed with love, with users using fire and smile emojis to convey their enthusiasm and appreciation.