Soumya Prakash Pradhan

India's streets are more than just busy with traffic.  They often host intense arguments, fights, and even wrestling-like brawls that go viral online.

People clash over various car issues, like broken headlights, and risky driving maneuvers.

Recently, a video of a man arguing with a couple went viral on social media.

The situation escalated rapidly when the woman slapped the man she along with her partner was arguing.

She also forcefully pushed the car door of the man in the red shirt, drawing the attention of other onlookers. Some people even recorded the event on their phones.

The video was uploaded on the social media platform 'X' by the user 'Ghar ke kalesh,' with the caption: "Least Violent Road rage kalesh b/w a Family and a guy in India."

This video quickly gained popularity across the internet, and one user commented, "The man deserves credit for not retaliating when the woman slapped him."

Another user remarked, "Indians sometimes lack moral ethics, regardless of their education. This video is a prime example."

Another person commented, "This happened near my home. I was there watching the whole scene unfold. It was quite a spectacle, but the situation was resolved in about 5-10 minutes.”