Poonam Singh

In the ever-evolving world of food trends, bizarre combinations have become commonplace as individuals vie to create the most unconventional pairings. Some of these combos are truly disgusting, while others surprisingly turn out to be delicious. Adding to this trend is a recent culinary experiment that has captured online attention: the unlikely fusion of eggs and chocolate!

The fusion chocolate omelette is being referred to as ‘Dairy Milk omelette’ on the internet and is viral now. However, people were not quite impressed with this unusual recipe.

A viral video circulating on Instagram, posted by a popular food vlogging page, showcases the creation of a unique dish from scratch. 
In the video, a vendor begins by cracking four eggs on a buttered pan, then he adds chopped onion, green chilli tomato followed by salt, red chilli powder, and a secret masala powder.  The vendor then grates paneer on the omelette followed by coriander leaves the preparation takes an unexpected turn. 

The vendor grates a big slab of chocolate bar on top of the omelette, covering its upper layer followed by chocolate syrup. He then flips the omelette, and places four bread slices, along with cheese slices. Finally, the omelette is blow-torched and served alongside a pack of dairy milk chocolate and some sauces, presenting a truly distinctive culinary creation.

Since being uploaded, the video has received over 2.8 million views so far and a slew of reactions in the comments section.

While some simply said, “Iske liye narak me alag se saja milegi,” another joked, “Heera Thakur ki kheer khaa lena par ye nahin...” (SIC)

Some users sarcastically said, “This omelette is a nuclear weapons which we can use on other countries at War Time .,” “Cadbury will sue him for misusing their product.” (sic)