Manoj Kumar Jena

We all are aware of the recent pro-Kannada protest which has become a debate topic on the media. Some people, involved in the protest, vandalised sign boards which were written in English as the agitators adopted aggressive measures to prove their stand. 

The internet is filled with videos where people were often caught quarreling with each other and being forced to speak their mother tongue. 

Well, the fight over language has now surged to the office meetings, as a viral video in this regard has surfaced on social media. 

Recently, the video of some office colleagues fighting over language during an online meeting is going viral on various social media platforms. 

However, the authenticity of the video has not been ascertained yet.

In the video, a person started speaking in Hindi during the online meeting. Suddenly, another colleague interrupted him and said, ‘Can you talk in English as we don’t know Hindi.’ Sticking to his Hindi roots, the person again continued talking in Hindi. 

As it can be seen in the video, the other colleagues were frustrated and they started speaking in Kannada or Tamil. 
Within seconds, the meeting turned chaotic and everyone started speaking in their respective regional languages. 

The manager of the team could be heard pacifying his team, but failed miserably. 

The video abruptly ended, when someone said, “Hindi hamari matru bhasa hei aur rahegi,” which translates, “Hindi is and will remain our national language.”

The video was shared on the official X (formerly Twitter) handle of gharkekalesh with the caption, “Colleagues over one Guy was speaking Hindi during Team Zoom meeting.” (SIC)

The video has garnered a whopping 1.1 million views and users left hilarious remarks in the comment section, as one user wrote, “Feeling bad for the HR,” another user wrote, “So what clearly comes through this is, English is our national language!” (SIC)

WATCH the video below: