Cassian Baliarsingh

A beautiful young bride got the shock of her life after the hotel staff accidentally dropped the wedding cake while bringing it to the venue. However, netizens are loving what the groom did to ease the situation.

The heart-stopping moment has been now going viral on social media platforms. The bride was shocked to see her tiered wedding cake fall and her expression says it all. The video was shared on Instagram by a user @zalimparii and has garnered over 2.4M views with 5932 comments from social media users.

The video starts with two hotel staff bringing a huge cake to the wedding venue. However, one of them stumbles and falls thus dropping the cake. The whole incident happens in front of the eyes of bride and the groom who are shocked.

To ease the situation, the groom without creating any ruckus, takes a fork and takes a bite of the cake. He then calls the bride and other guests to taste the cake. Social media users are hailing the groom for handling the situation with grace.

“How sweet the groom is,” wrote a user while another user wrote, “wow kitna acha husband mila hai apko jo itna sa bhi gussa nahin hua. Aap dono hamesha khusho raho apni life me… God bless you.”

A third user wrote, “Hey bhagwan kitna acha husband mila hai isse mujhe bhi aisa hi chahiye.”