Poonam Singh

In a bizarre incident, a bride allegedly cancelled her wedding as she was ‘not in the mood’ of getting married. 

According to a ZEE Rajasthan report, the incident took place in Rajgarh of Madhya Pradesh. 

Reportedly, on the wedding day (April 23), when the groom arrived with his baraat at the bride’s home, he got the shock of his life, as the bride told him and his family that she doesn’t wish him to marry on that day.

However, the reason behind her decision was something that the groom couldn’t digest as she said she was not in the mood to get married leaving him and his family surprised and shocked.

According to reports, the bride was not in the mood to marry because her brother’s wedding which was also scheduled to take place after the wedding got cancelled after his brother’s bride was found to be a minor.

Hence, the bride didn’t want to get married and cancelled the wedding. Even though everyone tried to convince her for the wedding, she remained adamant.

Infuriated over the bride’s denial, the groom in his bridal outfit reached the police station and demanded the police to intervene and solemnize his wedding with the bride.

The police officials were also shocked knowing the reason behind the bride’s refusal. 

Meanwhile, police have lodged the groom’s complaint and investigating the matter. However, the groom had to return to his village without the bride as she did not agree to the marriage.