Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident, a groom recently ran away from the 'mandap' during a wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district after his dowry demand was not fulfilled by the bride’s family. 

Following this, the bride was adamant about marrying the groom. She also lodged a complaint against the groom and his family members.

The stubbornness of the bride paid off and the groom came again after two days and married her at the same wedding mandap where he had left her for dowry.

The incident was reported from Kuti village under Jahangirabad police station limits in Barabanki.

According to Amar Ujala's report, the groom was demanding a motorcycle from the bride’s family as a dowry after the Tilak ceremony. 

However, the girl's family was unable to fulfill his demand. He then fled the mandap. There was also talk of fighting between the baratis and the bride’s villagers regarding the dance performances of the groom's side.

Reportedly, the groom, a native of Mawai village in Ayodhya district had come to tie knot. However, during the Tilak ceremony, the groom's side got into a fight with the villagers for dancing to the tunes of the DJ. 

Following which, the groom came to the wedding hall and suddenly started demanding a motorcycle in dowry. When the bride’s family expressed their inability to give the motorcycle, the boy went back with the procession without marriage.

After that, the bride and her family members pleaded a lot in front of the boy's side for marriage, but they did not listen to them. 

However, the girl was adamant about marrying the same youth. She pleaded to the SP to get her married to the same groom to save the honour of her family.

The stubbornness of the girl paid off and she married him on the same mandap. The girl is very happy after marriage.

Meanwhile, the groom and his father later accepted their mistake and said they are happy to accept the bride as their wife and daughter-in-law, respectively.