Poonam Singh

Indian weddings can be tiring, especially for the groom and bride as the rituals might go on for hours. Sitting through several hours of rituals can get anyone drifting away from the magical moments. Sometimes the bride and groom can be seen sleeping through the rituals.

However, taking a nap during the wedding rituals worsened the situation for an Assam groom and cost him his marriage as he arrived at the venue a little drunk.

According to an India Today report, a bride called off her wedding after the groom arrived drunk at the wedding and then was seen struggling to remain awake during the rituals.

Reportedly the incident took place in Barkhanajan area of Nalbari district of Assam. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, the groom can be seen all over the place. He was unable to collect himself while sitting through the rituals. He is visibly tired and even lies on a relative’s lap during the ceremony. Watch the viral video here.

The bride and her family were shocked to see the groom's condition. Following this the irate bride decided to call off the wedding and the village head also supported her decision.

"Not only the groom, his father was also not in a position to get out of the car as both intoxicated," reports said. 

Seeing the situation, the bride herself decided not to get married. We informed the village head and the police came and supported the bride's decision," a relative was quoted as saying by the India Today.

Meanwhile, the bride's family has also lodged an FIR at Nalbari Sadar Police Station against the groom and his father.