Cassian Baliarsingh

Love is in the air as 'Saawan', the month of love, is around the corner. There are reasons why poets have always celebrated and romanticsed Saawan in their poems, songs and stories.

Mansoon has already hit several parts of the country and amid this, an adorable video of a couple dancing in the rain is making rounds on social media. 

The young man and woman can be seen dancing their hearts out on a busy street without being scared and unbothered by the traffic and other commuters. 

While some found it to be the best thing to see on the internet today, many slammed the couple for putting the lives of commuters at risk by displaying such PDA on the road.

The adorable chemistry and truthfulness in their eyes have sent netizens in aww, with many calling it true love in this era of online dating and casual hookups. The carefree nature of the couple proves how much they love each other, said a netizen.

The video is a gentle reminder that the feeling of being truly loved by someone, and spending quality time with them is still the best feeling in the world. Teenagers these days prefer to hangout in clubs and pubs, drink and smoke together, go on fancy and expensive dinner dates in the name of romance. But, true love always has and will always be in simple, little things, said another netizen.

The video has been shared widely on social media after a Twitter user shared it on social media platforms. Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 63.3K views with several likes and comments from netizens.

“Jab sacha pyaar hota hai na, toh aisa hota hai,” wrote a user while another user commented, “Aksar barsaat ke mausam hi sacha pyaar karne wale ke romance jaga jata hai.”

A third user wrote, “Social media ke jamane me yeh sab fake lagta hai.”