Cassian Baliarsingh

A Bengaluru-based woman recalled an incident of ‘groping’ by an unidentified man in the city. She took to her social media handle and shared the video as proof. Shockingly, police had to let go of the man as the victim did not wish to go further with an FIR because of the ‘trouble that lies ahead’.

Sharing her story, the victim wrote, “Last night in #NammaBengaluru a friend of mine dropped me near my house and as I was about to open the gate, this man came and groped me from behind and started running. I called my friend and asked him to stop him before he rode away.”

“In this video, the man is accepting what he had done. My friend was there to catch hold of him and had it not been the case, we never know what all could have happened and he would have not been caught. We called the Bangalore Police on site and he was taken to jail,” she added.

“He wasn’t drunk and he is not a child. He knew what he was doing and he was waiting for a chance to get me. My deepest condolences to his #family because this is the kind of napunsak who is “The Man” of their family,” read her post.

She continued, “To everyone asking why did I leave him? I did not, I have filed a complaint against him and he has accepted what he did in front of cops. The reason behind posting this is spreading awareness and how there are loopholes in the Constitution that would anyway get him out.”