Cassian Baliarsingh

With the demand for online food delivery, the demand for delivery boys is growing up in a rapid pace in our country. While we sit back comfortably in our homes or offices and get what we desire just with a click, there are people who take a lot of painstaking effort to deliver our orders to us.

They are the delivery boys who make everything possible to deliver the orders on time. With heavy backpacks and unplanned traffic woes, they are forced to reach to the customer on time, because the liability falls on them.

Be it raining cats and dogs or under the scorching heat, they have to hand over the food parcel to their customer at any cost. Despite, all their efforts, we often fail to understand the pain that they have to go through to deliver our orders, even if it is a small item.

They are often treated as a mule to deliver products. We often forget that they might also be having a bad day. Now, a video of an upset delivery boy setting his bag and jacket on fire is going viral on social media.

Watch the viral video here:



As per the Twitter user @rana_its_rk, the video is from Bengaluru and the delivery boy is an employee of zomato. 

Sharing the video, Rana wrote, “@zomato enough of flattery quotes and donations… take care of employees plz. #Bengaluru #Zomato #India.”

In the video, we can see a middle-aged man first drop his delivery bag on the ground. Later, he takes out a matchbox and sets the delivery bag on fire. He then removes the t-shirt of zomato and throws it into the fire before walking away. 

Though, the exact reason for his step was not known immediately, it is clear that he was unhappy over something. The Twitter user who shared the video also called out zomato to stop making flattery quotes and donations and instead take care of their employees.

A few months back, a picture of a delivery boy crying in the rain had gone viral. The delivery boy was crying in the rain as he got late due to heavy rains and the customer refused to receive the food. The bill amounted to Rs 3800, which would be deducted from his Rs 10,000 salary.