Cassian Baliarsingh

A doctor in Bengaluru is being hailed as a hero after he saved the life of a man who suffered heart attack while shopping at IKEA store. The doctor gave timely CPR and managed to revive him, who was later taken to a hospital.

The timely act of the doctor is being hailed on social media platforms after the video went viral. The video of the incident was posted by the doctor’s son on Twitter. 

In the video, we can see a man lying unconscious on the floor while the doctor swings into action and starts giving him CPR to restore his blood circulation and breathing. The doctor continuously gives the CPR for 10 minutes following which the man gains consciousness.

The doctor’s son Rohit Dak took to Twitter and shared, “My dad saved a life. We happen to be at IKEA Bangalore where someone had an attack and had no pulse. Dad worked on him for more than 10 mins and revived him. Lucky guy that a trained orthopaedic surgeon was shopping in the next lane.”

“Doctors are indeed a blessing. Respect!!!” he added. 

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered over 314K views, 15.6K likes and 2145 retweets. Many users filled the comments section with 'salute you sir' remarks.

A user pointed out that CPR should be included in school curriculum and wrote, “All the more reason that training in CPR should become part of school curriculum, along with sports n social service. Children should be made aware of their social responsibility from at least high school.”

Similarly, another user wrote, “Thank God! Also CPR education in schools, societies and corporate should be a mandate. It is an essential skill to save someone’s life.”

A few days back, a video of a CISF personnel giving CPR to a man and saving his life at Ahmedabad airport had gone viral on Twitter.