Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, weddings are joyous occasions where both the bride and groom's families celebrate together.

Recently, a video of a Bengali wedding went viral on the internet, particularly on Instagram.

The video shows the newlywed couple embracing each other in front of their relatives.

After the hug, the bride, danced and lip-synced to Taylor Swift's song ‘Love Story.’

She mimed the lyrics, engaging the audience with hand gestures while their relatives cheered and applauded her performance.

Once she completed the song, the couple hugged again, radiating happiness.

Sharing the video, Atri Bhattacharyya captioned it, "To the cutest and craziest bride ever! May the adventure ahead be filled with love, laughter, and sass...!!! To @i.payeldas.official and to the man who has to deal with such taarkata madness…!! 🥂♥️"

The video garnered various reactions online. Some users commented in awe while others jokingly remarked about the mix of Bengali wedding traditions with an English song.

Amidst the fun comments, supportive users encouraged the bride to cherish the happiness of her special day and ignore negativity.