Poonam Singh

In a bizarre turn of events, a wedding was called off in Uttar Pradesh as the bride decided not to go ahead with the ceremony just because the groom's family had bought less jewellery for her. Such an unexpected reason for the cancellation of the wedding has left people in sheer astonishment.

According to a News 18 report, the incident took place at Manitar village under the Bansdih police station area of Ballia.
Reportedly, the wedding was fixed on February 18 (Sunday) by the family members of the groom and bride.

On Sunday, the groom reached the bride's house in a grand procession. The bride's family welcomed the baraat and the wedding ritual started with the ‘Varmala’ ceremony.

However, after the varmala ceremony, the bride refused to go ahead with the marriage citing that the groom’s family did not bring the jewellery, clothes and other things as promised when the wedding was fixed. 

The bride and her family were reportedly not happy with the groom’s family due to this. The bride's was so angry that she cancelled the wedding.

Tension escalated after the cancellation of the marriage and both the groom's and bride's families landed at the police station. 

But the groom alleged that the bride’s family cancelled the wedding after the procession people had called the police over non-payment.

Meanwhile, the groom said that they had fixed the wedding procession. However on the wedding day, due to something, they were not able to pay for the

procession following which the procession in charge had called the police regarding the non-payment. 
Following this, the bride’s family told them they couldn’t go ahead with marriage, alleged the groom.