Cassian Baliarsingh

A heartwarming video of a family dancing together after buying a new Mahindra Scorpio car has left people amused. The viral video captures the family’s joyful moment and is too adorable to miss.

Even Industrialist Anand Mahindra could not stop himself from sharing the video.

The video shows a group of family members dancing in happiness after buying a new car. All of them seem very happy with big smiles on their faces. Sharing the video a Twitter user wrote, “What a joyful moment! People dancing while taking the delivery of their Mahindra Scorpio-N SUV.”

Later, Anand Mahindra re-shared the video and wrote, “This is the real reward and joy of working in the Indian auto industry.”

“It is like a marriage celebration. Few things we value the most in life bring pure joy,” commented a user.

“Yes, that’s why we are called Indians. We find happiness in every moment and try to celebrate and enjoy it,” commented another user.

“It's not just a vehicle; it represents a journey towards a brighter future. The scene symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Indian auto industry, where dreams take the wheel and drive towards destiny, sparking inspiration and igniting the passion for progress,” wrote another user.