Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Many people love spending money on food and going to the restaurants. People love enjoying delicious dishes made by highly talented and creative chefs. At restaurants, people have access to multiple cuisines from different cultures and countries.  Enjoying food at restaurants can cost hefty, but, it is worth the expense.

However, will any foodie pay Rs 90000 for a plate of Papdi Chat? How about a bill of over Rs 900000?

Recently, a restaurant bill has gone viral on social media that shows the total payable amount as Rs 923400. Certainly, the total billing amount is quite shocking. 

As per the bill, the customers ordered four Roasted Papadam, two Papdi Chat plates, one Laccha Paratha, four Tandoori Roti, one Veg Dumpukth Handi Biryani with Raita, one Dum Aloo, one Veg Jhalfrezi and one Dal Butter Fry. As it seems from the quantity, the food is ordered for a maximum of two persons. 

However, the prices for the items will leave anyone's head spinning. The prices mentioned for the items are Rs 30000 for one Roasted Papadam, Rs 90000 for one Papdi Chat plate, Rs 50000 for Laccha Paratha, Rs 30000 for one Tandoori Roti, Rs 130000 for Biryani, Rs 120000 for Dum Aloo, Rs 110000 for Veg Jhalfrezi and Rs 120000 for Dal Butter Fry. The total bill generated for the above-mentioned items is Rs 950000. With added tax and discount, the total payable amount is Rs 923400. 

Restaurant BillRestaurant Bill

Well, the image of the bill would leave anyone in shock unless the total amount is separated by rupees and paisa by a dot (.) on the left. 

There certainly must be some error during bill generation and dot (.) went missing from the bill. However, any person would get instantly mad and confused after getting a bill of such a hefty amount for ordering food for two people. 

Though the original source of the image couldn't be obtained, it was shared on social media by senpaithetical with a caption reading: Kaafi mehenga bill ban gaya. (sic)