Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of two young girls engaged in a brawl over actor Ram Charan in full public view has taken social media by storm. Believed to be college-goers, the girls are dressed in uniform and can be seen pulling each other’s hair.

Fellow classmates try to stop the fight but in vain. The two girls continue to pluck out each other’s hair over some issue related to RRR actor Ram Charan. Even as the exact location of the fight was not known immediately, the video is believed to be somewhere from Andhra Pradesh as the girls can be heard speaking in Telugu.

The video has garnered hilarious reactions on social media after being shared on Twitter. Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 36.3k views with 314 likes and 39 retweets.

Social media users hilariously trolled the two girls over their fight for an actor who hardly knows that they exist.

“Like Ram Charan would seriously give a damn about some random girls ready to pluck out each other’s hair and scalp,” commented a user with a laughing emoji.

Another user wrote, “Usually girls lack creativity while fighting, no interesting fight… this fight is one time watch if you are bored.”

A third user wrote, “Great to see no boy has jumped to scatter them.”

“Ball kheenchna is permanent in women’s fight,” commented another user while another wrote, “There’s no language barrier to understand a fight.”

“South movie chappri fans,” commented another user.