Rashmi Ranjan

People who are using cab services regularly must have some good as well as bitter experiences. Though booking a cab through Ola or Uber is now just a tap away, sometimes the long wait and cancellation from drivers make users suffer a lot.

Recently, one such instance where a Bengaluru-based cab driver asking a woman to cancel the ride has surfaced after the conversation between the duo went viral on various social media platforms.

A Twitter user named Ashi (@ashimhta), shared the screenshot of the conversation on his handle with a caption “Tired after a day of hustling at @peakbengaluru.”

The viral screenshot reads: The driver named Bharath asking Ashi to cancel the ride because he is sleepy.

As soon as Ashi shared the tweet, it divided the internet users. While some praised the driver for his honest reply, some others slammed him for denying the service.

"At least this guy was honest. There was this one time - on my way back from BLR airport, the cab guy just pulled over on ORR and said “madam, I can’t drive anymore - I’m sleepy”. It was around 3:30AM, I was jet lagged and scared as hell," wrote a user.

"But so very responsible of him!!" another user commented.

Criticising the service, one user wrote, "Bad experience with Uber and Ola in Bangalore and Mysore. The driver cancels the ride. I close the app and take an auto/cab at double the cost. The app books another ride. The driver calls up. I tell him I have already left for my destination. The app fines me."

"The most irritating point of all this is why do they accept rides in first place?Whats so compelling asking rider to cancel?" another wrote.