Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The internet is a vast place where users can access a wide range of activities, from watching movies and videos to playing games and chatting online.

Everything can be done through the internet, and many dance videos become viral instantly.

In a recent video, two girls danced to 'Kaavaalaa' song from the movie "Jailer. Tamannaah Bhatia performs the original dance.

The dancers in this video are Medhavi Mishra and Sakshi Bhusari, and they are performing in captivating attire reminiscent of belly dance costumes, which adds to the appeal.

During the instrumental part of the "Kaavaalaa" song, the two girls showcase their dance moves step by step, creating a charming and enticing performance.

This video was shared on Instagram in a collapsed mode, and both girls wrote in the caption, "This song is our new obsession 🔥 We couldn't resist dancing to this track 🥵."

As the video went viral on the internet, one user commented, "One of them looks like Gloria Estefan when she was young."

Another user expressed their admiration in the comments, saying, "This is the best kavaliya 😍❤️."

Many users praised the performance, calling it perfect and super, among other positive comments in the comment section.