Cassian Baliarsingh

In an unusual turn of events, a woman received a pain relief prescription on the dating app Bumble. The woman who had matched with a doctor allegedly had an unusual experience on the dating app.

Dating apps help us meet a diverse range of individuals and introduce us to people we may never have crossed paths with. Among multiple profiles, it is hard to find a true partner. However, the girl rather had a ‘sweet’ experience with her match who is a doctor.

Taking to the micro-blogging site X, the woman shared her story about her unusual date. After matching on Bumble with an orthopedic specialist, the woman revealed how he went above and beyond her expectations when she spoke of experiencing severe shoulder and neck pain.

Along with prescribing medication to ease her suffering, he also gave her some insightful advice on how to avoid similar instances in the future.

“Matched with an Ortho doctor on Bumble and randomly told him that I am experiencing neck and shoulder pain. He asked me some questions about it and then wrote me a prescription, this is so sweet😭,” she shared on X.

The post has garnered over 199.7K views with thousands of likes and comments from netizens.

“Ortho is the mechanical engineering of the Medical field. Hope you get it.🤣,” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “Setting will be public enough for safety (hospital or practicing clinic), private enough to get to know each other. Damn, the perfect occupation 😭.”

“ortho bros when they see a girl 🫢🤣💌,” commented a third user.